Zeal helps to boost the Yang energy in my body giving me more mental and physical energy to exercise and get through my day. I have enjoyed Zeal every day since a friend introduced it to me back in 2012. I drink it because it works!  It gives me that additional morning pick up that I need to get the day moving, when I exercise, and when I teach a class. It does not make me feel jittery or nervous like I sometimes experience from coffee, tea or energy drinks.  

Staying mentally clear and focused during class is a top priority for me when teaching. Both teachers and students benefit from improved mental focus when teaching or learning. Sometimes distractions or other unexpected situations may come up during a class. Zeal gives me the additional mental boost that I need to remain focused on my lesson plan without letting unforseen situations distract me or  the class from the overall learning experience.    

Zeal comes in 5 different flavors. There is also a Gluten Free / Vegan / Kosher version available (pictured here), and also a Guarana Free version for those that do not currently drink coffee or tea and may be extra sensitive to the naturally occurring caffeine found in Guarana. My personal favorite is the Wild Berry Classic. 

One can of Zeal contains 30 servings. I encourage you to try it for a month and discover what it can do for your body, mind and overall health.                                                                                                                                                                                       ~Ryan Lee