I drink Intra every day.  I feel that Intra helps balance the Yin energy in my body.  Sifu Cheng introduced  to Intra many years ago as a good addition to my diet because my modern lifestyle does not allow for me to eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables that my body needs.  I have had good results from adding it to my daily health routine and want to share it wth you.  I’m very happy to be a part of the Lifestyles Family and I am excited to share my story with you!

Since joining Lifestyles, I have seen the positive impact Intra has had on not only my own health and happiness, but also those around me.  

I drink a single shot of intra every day, with my ZEAL.  I love the taste and what it does for my body.  I notice that it makes the entire digestion process flow more smoothly and that my gut is more settled and calm throughout the day.  

A bottle of Intra has 30 servings.  I encourage you to try it for a month and see what it can do for your body and mind.  

 – Ryan Lee