Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi – Set 2 (Complete pack)


(Download version only)

This product contains:

  • Video
  • Instruction Manual
  • Practice Aid – Printable Poster
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The second set of tai chi, qigong and shibashi was originally developed by Master He Wei-Qi in collaboration with Professor Lin Hou-Sheng back in the early 80s and has been promoted to millions throughout Asia. The movements of the second set are slightly more complicated and physically demanding than the first set. It is also not as easy to remember as the first; nonetheless, it is still much simpler than the traditional Tai Chi Chuan.

Some benefits of the 2nd Set:
  • All the benefits of the 1st set, plus …
  • Opens up the meridians of the legs
  • Improves ones balancing ability
  • Improves Zhan Zhuang (standing qigong) experience
  • Achieves deeper meditation when sitting cross-legged or kneed
  • Better body coordination
  • More endurance

Since the movements of the 2nd set are more physically demanding than the 1st set, you could perform the 1st set, as a warm-up, before the 2nd set. This new video also includes proper closing techniques to be done after the qigong exercise.

Download Version (.zip)
  • More than 1 hour of instructional video
  • Includes the proper closing technique
  • You are able to see the front and back views at the same time
  • The screen tells you exactly when to breathe
  • Soothing background music by Oliver Shanti & Friends
  • Subtitles available for the hearing impaired

Instruction Manual:
  • Detail description of the 18 movements, the 2 stances and the closing technique.
  • Covers the common mistakes of the form
  • Extra information for you to get the full benefits of doing qigong
  • More than 80 illustrations

Practice Aid – Printable Poster:
  • Display all the 18 movements with movement names
  • Help you memorize the movements easily
  • 23.4 inch x 16.5 inch (594mm x 420mm)
  • High-quality format for printing


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Shibashi Set 1 in this series for more tai chi and qigong.


Physical Version available for purchase directly from www.taichi18.com

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