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Marina Park is a new 10 1/2-acre park with a new Community Center and Sailing Center.  It includes a Lightouse Bayview Cafe, a visitors marina, new restrooms, a nautical themed playground with a 2-story slide, basketball courts, and outdoor fitness circut, picnic areas, parking, and a breathtaking view of the bay.  

Marina Park , 1600 W. Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 270-8150

24 Forms Tai Chi - Marina Park

Newport Beach

Saturday 8:00-9:00 am


Tai Chi class is an ongoing tai chi series that is designed to help the beginner student establish a strong foundation in the working principles involved in tai chi.  Using the Simplified 24 forms tai chi routine as a base, each week students will be taught movements and exercises from the forms that build into a moving sequence.  The class focuses on posture, relaxation, balance and energy cultivation as the primary foundation for moving forward in tai chi.  Tai chi is essentially an advanced form of qigong.  When you are practicing tai chi as it was designed, you are also doing qigong.  Both practices compliment each other.  A typical class usually consist of head to toe warm up exercises, tai chi stepping practice, and 24 forms instruction.  

Beginners qigong is also recommended.   Drop in's welcome.  

Because you will be learning a 24 forms routine, signing up for a 5 week class series is recommended for exposure to the entire routine. 



Qigong - Marina Park

Newport Beach

Saturday 9-10am


The purpose of the class is to learn the basic fundamental principles and movements that are at the foundation of tai chi qigong. A typical class usually consist of head to toe warm up exercises, 5 Element Qigong, 18 forms Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi practice  This class is ideal for the student that is looking to build a solid foundation for correct qigong and tai chi practice.  The exercises focus on improving postural alignment, proper relaxation, and qi cultivation.  

No previous experience required to participate.


Class Rates

Drop in ($20)

Prepaid Class Series ($15 per class)  


Register for classes online! 

search "tai chi" or "qigong" location "Marina Park"


This class is presented by the City of Newport Beach 

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